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Excellent point; even if a farm doesn't already come under FSMA rules, risky procedures will land it there anyway.  Thanks for that reminder, Rivka.
Kathryn Kerby
Snohomish, WA

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If the farm in question has yearly sales revenue below a certain threshold, and/or sells primarily direct to consumers, then GAP and/or FSMA rules may not apply.

They may not apply formally; but if the practice as used is actually unsafe, and if anybody gets or claims to get sick from eating the produce, as I understand it they can be brought to apply in the specific instance.

So it seems to me there are two questions to answer: 1) is the practice forbidden by anything that the specific farm either has signed on to, or is legally otherwise bound by and 2) is the practice significantly likely to be hazardous? If the answer to either is yes, avoiding it would be a good idea.

As others have said, determining whether the answer to either is yes requires specific information about the material, the crop, the growth stage of the crop, the interval to harvest, and the likely market. Whether the material gets on the leaves and/or fruit of the crop is likely to be relevant. Whether it gets there by means of a sprayer I would think is probably not relevant; though how well the sprayer's been cleaned and what was in it previously might well be.


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