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"That seems to apply specifically to produce that's been cut up; though it's not clear what the definition of "cut leafy greens" is. In that context, however, I'd think that it means cut further than just the harvest cut."

In Ohio the cut type leads into processing.  We design systems that are single cut AKA Harvest cut.  So our salad mixes are very simple.  We cut high.  Lots of issues there POSSIBLY in the future but most of it all happens AFTER the first cut.  Then there is how you package it.  Bag open and OK.  Bag closed and its processed.

Then we start arguing about how many angels can dance o the head of a pin.

In the end most government agencies will want the farmer selling either A) off farm or B) MAYBE at a farmers market.  Anything else they want to regulate.  For those of us that also supply local chefs the good news is that they may be completely exempt from the whole nightmare so you MIGHT be able to keep on selling to them, that is, unless a market group gets to them in some way.

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