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I've posted this on behalf of a friend and fellow list-member, who can't post to the list for some reason this morning............

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For some reason, I’m unable to post to the list…
We already have that rule here in WA: New code to go into effect this May that added cut leafy greens to the list:
Potentially hazardous food means a food that requires time/temperature control for safety to limit pathogenic microorganism growth or toxin formation.
(b) Potentially hazardous food includes:
(i) An animal food that is raw or heat-treated, a plant food that is heat-treated or consists of raw seed sprouts, cut melons, cut leafy greens, cut tomatoes or mixtures of cut tomatoes that are not modified in a way so that they are unable to support pathogenic microorganism growth or toxin formation, fresh herb-in-oil mixtures, or garlic-in-oil mixtures unless modified in a way so that they are unable to support pathogenic microorganism growth or toxin formation;
WAC 246-215-03235 Specifications for receiving—Temperature (2009 FDA Food Code 3-202.11). (1) Except as specified insubsection (2) of this section, refrigerated, potentially hazardousfood must be at atemperature of 41F (5C) or below when received.
WAC 246-215-04248 Functionality--Temperature measuring
devices (2009 FDA Food Code 4-204.112).(1) In a mechanically refrigerated or hot food storage unit, the sensor of a temperature measuring device must be located to measure the air temperature or a simulated product temperature in the warmest part of a mechanically refrigerated unit and in the coolest part of a hot food storage unit.
(2) Except as specified in subsection (3) of this section, cold or hot holding equipment used for potentially hazardous food must be designed to include and must be equipped with at least one integral or permanently affixed temperature measuring device that is located to allow easy viewing of the device's temperature display.
A couple years ago, one ofour food safety scientists told me the worst thing to do--from a contamination standpoint--is to thrust warm (relatively) vegetables or fruit into a chilly water bath. It can literally drive any pathogens on the surface of the stuff (or already in the water) into the product in cellular way that prevents it from being washed off. Thus they recommend air chilling like what Richard does to bring the temp down and then if one must wash things to be sure product and water are the same temp.
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