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Can you explain how you "cool everything now prior to washing/dunking"?

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We are following things closely and checking off, slowly, a long list of things necessary to meet third party inspection.  Till I know exactly what the feds are doing I am not doing any type of paid third party inspection though.  We supply a wide variety of customers and till someone tells me, definitively, get inspected or we will not purchase from you I am not worrying about an inspection.  The idea that the Feds know what is going on yet is absurd and even if they manage to get all their ducks in a row  year from now it all needs to be paid for in some way and the chances of THAT happening is absurd.

We look at this as four distinct issues:  What we need to do to be a benefit to our business.  What the Feds will require of us to do business with our current customers.  What we be required to do to take on larger customers.  Till the Feds come up with hard rules I am only worried about the first thing.  The last two are worries for me with the last being a royal pain in the ass.

Lots of GAPs is simply common sense.  If you are not doing the most important parts of it you are producing an inferior product.  If you do not have a place to wash your produce, to properly cool it, and a way to keep it cool in transport then you are supplying a inferior product compared to those of us that do.  We cool everything now prior to washing/dunking.  You need to be using stuff like Tsunami.  You need to be watching the temps of your wash tanks and the amount of dirt in them.  You need to have a system that is more important and can stand alone without your supervision (assuming you have employees or family helping) in case you get sick.  If you or an employee are sick they should NEVER be handling ANY food.  Stuff like that is just good business.  

Is that an answer or a dance around the issue?  :D

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