[Market-farming] Ginger, Alternatives for Planting

Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 10:09:53 EST 2013

East Branch was out last year (never been a customer, though have placed
So I picked out the best looking roots in the local grocery (nonorganic),
in late April and early May.  Brought them inside on cooler nights.

Can't compare to East Branch seedstock, but we did grow and sell and the
ginger from our high tunnel, about 50 row ft.
And yes, a few of the original roots still look good, though I don't plan
to use them.

My hesitation with ordering a case is that at least half of what I saw in
the grocery last year did not have active green, potentially growing tips.
 So I preferred picking the best from what was in the produce bin.

Maybe organic ginger in the grocery is all more viable?  Any ideas?

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