[Market-farming] Ginger - anyone else get shorted on their order?

ecoponderosa 3cedarsfarm at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 21:19:12 EST 2013

On 3/3/2013 8:41 PM, Allan Balliett wrote:
> must be in cahoots with the shallot people!

Try Kitazawa Seeds or Evergreen Seeds for the little red asian 
multiplying onions that are popular everywhere in southeast aisia 
countries (they fry them crisp and serve as condiment with other 
dishes); they are essentially shallots, maybe not the familiar French 
gourmet varieties but probably in the same family. Have no idea if those 
companies carry them but do a Google search and find out.

> I believe this ginger is sold as BIKER DUDE ginger in organic stores on
> the mailand.
> I've purchased cases of it before (NOT CHEAP) and it's sprouted fine.
> In fact, better than what I got from East Branch last year.

Puna Organics/East Branch Ginger/Biker Dude Ginger, all the same 
company. Same ginger, same company.

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