[Market-farming] Help translate seminal market gardening book

Allan Balliett allan.balliett at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 21:07:49 EST 2013

Eliot Coleman reads French.

Maybe he can translate this book and publish it in the US for much less
that the $25,000 figure (wtf?) With the cooperation of the author, of

-Allan in WV

On Sun, Feb 24, 2013 at 9:12 AM, Etienne Goyer <etienne at lejardinduvillage.ca
> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I hope this email will not be perceived as spam.  I have absolutely no
> personal interest in this endeavor, I am just sharing to get the word
> out on a very interesting project.
> Jean-Martin Fortier of La Grelinette, a very small market farm in
> southern Québec, has recently published a book on his farming system,
> "Le jardinier-maraîcher".  It's garnering an incredible amount of
> attention in the organic agriculture circles here, but also in
> mainstream media.  Enough, in fact, that I think it might change the
> wind and give a serious boost to the nascent small-is-beautiful
> proximity agriculture movement.  Pretty much every major newspapers in
> the province have had a article on his book, and he's been on TV at
> least half a dozen time.  It's that crazy.
> There is a good reason for that.  The book is very, very good.  Think of
> it as what the New Organic Grower would be if it had been written in
> 2013.  Which isn't surprising, because Jean-Martin is a big fan boy of
> Coleman, and it shows.  Everything about his book reminds me of NOG: the
> writing style, the topics covered, the artwork, even the chapter layout.
>  But where the NOG start to show its age (it's almost 20 years old,
> after all), this book is completely up-to-date with current practice.
> It's also very practical, and goes into some very specific details that
> the NOG does not cover.  As such, it present a workable blueprint for an
> extra-small (less than two acres) market farm, which makes it of
> particular interest to those just starting up at that scale.  Overall,
> it's very good indeed and absolutely deserve the attention it is getting.
> Jean-Martin is currently raising funds to have the book translated to
> English:
>     http://www.indiegogo.com/Growing-Great-Veggies
> I contributed, even though I own and enjoy the current French edition of
> the book already.  I did, because it would open the book to a much
> larger audience, and it deserve a place in every starting market
> farmer's toolbox.  I think it deserve your support too.
> Thanks for reading, and have a good and relaxing Sunday, everyone!
> --
> Etienne Goyer  -  Le Jardin du Village
> http://lejardinduvillage.wordpress.com
> "Changer le monde, une betterave à la fois"
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