[Market-farming] Advice on selling more eggs, when only one doz displayed

Susan Ventura sue at dragonfly-farms.com
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We just display empty egg boxes stacked up along with a sign and picture
about how we raise our hens.   Usually have no trouble selling them.


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Our market is now enforcing the regs that eggs be kept in a cooler, only one
doz allowed for display.  Since we've begun that, our egg sales are MUCH
slower.  Our primary egg vendor is sitting on 100 doz and counting, and is
now trying to sell his hens.


Want to help him out, and our other egg vendors.


How to let customers know we still have local, free range eggs? 


Apparently, they're quite reluctant to buy what appears to be that last
dozen on the table, not knowing cooler(s) full of eggs are waiting to be
sold!!  Didn't know eggs were an impulse buy.


Any and all advice appreciated, as I'm on the committee that let the vendors
know of these changes!


Richard Moyer


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