[Market-farming] Bottom watering trays

Marlin Burkholder burkholders at glenecofarm.com
Thu Jan 31 20:40:18 EST 2013

I have been searching for good bottom watering trays to be used on a plant
starting rack inside the house.  I bought a bunch of ³Perma Nest² trays
about five years ago but made the mistake of using them for bottom watering
in the greenhouse and after about two seasons they became brittle from UV
light exposure.  Half of them have holes in the bottom and no longer serve
for bottom watering.  Way too expensive for no longer than I¹ve had them.
There is a product called a ³giant garden watering tray² available through
Greenhouse Megastore that looks tempting.  It is wide and long enough to
hold four 1020 trays, looks durable, and would fit perfectly on my plant
starting rack.  At $18 a pop it doesn¹t look that bad. I would still like to
use them some in the greenhouse where UV deterioration is a concern.  Has
anyone tried them?  Will they hold up in the greenhouse and be worth the

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