[Market-farming] Custom Growing in the Greenhouse, media testing & good reference for making mix

Andy Fellenz artisanfarms at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 07:04:02 EST 2013


I've been approached by several customers to do some custom growing for
them in my greenhouses this spring. Some will provide seed and others will
be getting varieties that I already plant.  One will be taking whole trays,
either 50 cell or 24 cell, the other will take several hundred plants, but
at most 10-15 of any one variety.  Most of the plants will be in the house
for at least 5 weeks and be potted up 1-2 times. I'm trying to figure a
fair price and am curious as to what others charge for this type of service.

I'm also curious as to other's experiences with custom growing, especially
as you get beyond onsies and twosies for a few customers and systems you
are using in the greenhouse to track different customer's plants.

The next question this morning is media testing.  Which labs are you using
and how frequently are you testing your soil mix.

And finally, I'm looking for a good reference for learning more about
making custom mixes in the greenhouse and doing the math for nutritive
charge in the mix.  I make different mixes depending upon how long the
plants will be in the greenhouse, but want to get smarter about what I put
in each and also start making a better long term organic mix that I can use
with container plantings of herbs, salad bowls and decorative plants.


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