[Market-farming] germination testing carrot and onion seed

Rob Wallbridge rob at songberry.ca
Wed Jan 30 10:50:09 EST 2013

For germination testing of all my seeds, I simply spread a few (10, 20, or
25, depending on the seed and the amount I have) on a wet paper towel, fold
it, and seal it in a Ziploc bag. If I'm doing a bunch, I'll line up the
folded paper towels in the bag and stick labels on the bag to keep track of
which seeds are where. Then I'll place the bags where the temperature is
similar to regular conditions: seeds that like warmth will go on top of the
refrigerator; ones that I want to germinate in cool soil will go in a colder
spot. Grouping the seeds in the bags according to days to germination and
preferred temperature helps. When they've germinated, I count the seeds and
write the germ rate on the label, so I've got a permanent record that I can
later transfer to the seed packs or into my records. The only problem I've
ever encountered was with pea and bean seeds that soaked up all the
available moisture and still didn't have enough to germinate - now I make
sure there's adequate moisture in the bags. 


Hope this helps,



Rob Wallbridge

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I'm looking for a relatively easy and reliable way to germ test several
varieties of carrot, scallion and chive seed.  All was purchased last year
and I'd like to check it before buying new this season.


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