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Thu Jan 24 17:16:03 EST 2013

---- Beth Spaugh <lists at rhomestead.com> wrote: 
> What WiFi do you use to get a signal that travels well over how far?  Thank
> you.

Are you talking about tower strength or are you talking about routers (within the house)?

Towers around here, from Windstream.net, only have about a 3 mile reach, so if you're not within a tower zone, you can't get their wifi.

IN the house we use Linksys Wireless-G 2.4 GHz broadband router 54 Mbps.  Ours is from about 2007 (when we first got Wifi).  It does NOT reach all parts of our house well unless it's directly mid-center.  Our house is about 2800 sq ft on two floors with walls made with a LOT of hard wood.

Hopefully that answers whichever question you were asking.

I'm sure, too, that wireless routers have improved in the past 4-5 yrs, so there are probably stronger ones on the market today.  They also sell repeaters that will boost your signal, but I don't know how far their reach is.  With our router our pc's will lose the signal once you go outside and walk about 10-15' :-(  so we don't have wireless in our barn, stable, or garage.  

Bobbett in KY

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