[Market-farming] Ag-Squared

Gary Brever gjbrever at midwestinfo.net
Tue Jan 22 18:02:12 EST 2013

I'm wondering if anyone has tried Ag-Squared.
 Last year I tried it out before the season and spent a couple days trying
to get my data inputted into it. Then kind of gave up on it because it was
so difficult to just transfer my data into their system, and I lossed a lot
of vital information in the process like flat sizes and number of flats,
data related to when we plant 3 row items, etc. 
I do like the potential of Ag Squared (i.e. being able to have maps that our
workers can understand easily). However, when I went to tried it out again
this winter, I came upon the same brick walls. I really feel like there are
just so many gaps in their system and that it's difficult to input easily
all my vital info. 
I wonder how other farmers are benefiting from Ag Squared. I know that he
talked about the system primarily being used as a way to input information
during the season. However, for me that seems backwards. I have all my
fields planned out ahead of time and the only thing I do during the season
is to cross off the items that I've done. 
Any input from you on your experience would be valuable. 
I really want a good mapping system to incorporate what we are already doing
with spread sheets.  Thus far I have not yet found an easy to use system.
What about you?

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