[Market-farming] Parsnips

Pam Twin Oaks pam at twinoaks.org
Mon Jan 21 10:12:09 EST 2013

We've had trouble with our parsnips being very fibrous this year. We wonder
what we did wrong. Seems like we did the same as usual, except maybe
harvested them a bit late (it was January). Do you know if we should have
harvested before the solstice, or before the weather got warm after being
cold? Do you know if some varieties are more prone to getting fibrous? If
so, which ones are least prone? Zone 7 here, central Virginia. I'd
particularly like to hear from people with a similar (changing) climate.

Pam, Twin Oaks Community

Pam Dawling

Author of Sustainable Market Farming, Intensive Vegetable Production on a
Few Acres
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