[Market-farming] Sample size for seed germination tests

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Tue Jan 15 11:17:04 EST 2013

Hello All,

I would like to do some germination tests on various vegetable and cover
crop seed I have leftover from last season.  I'm wondering if any of you
have some insight on how many seed of each crop I should use for an
"accurate" sample size?  I'm wondering if I should use a larger sample size
for seeds with a lower listed germination rate (like 60%) then varieties
with a higher germination rate ( 90%+) as listed on the package.  Also are
there any general rules for the quantity of seed on hand compared with the
sample size?  For instance, I would think I would need a proportionally
larger sample size for a 50 lb. bag of cover crop seed compared to 1 oz of
lettuce/tomato seed.

Any other tips for conducting germination tests that would give me a good
representation of what I can expect out of the whole lot of seed?

Thanks in advance,

Ben Saunders
Granger, Iowa
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