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This may be news to some folks but this isn't new. A couple years ago, as I remember, the ceo of Johnny's wrote a letter explaining why they carry seed from companies that are owned by Monsanto. I'm not sure if that letter is still on their website. If I remember correctly, he said Johnny's commitment was to provide their customers with the best seed varieties available, regardless of the seed company. Please don't quote me on this. If this topic is important to you, please do your own research. In the past, Johnny's did not try to hide from this. I am not sure what their present mode of operation is.

Fedco staunchly refuses to sell seeds from companies who deal with gmos. They write about this seed sourcing philosophy in their catalog.

Also, here is a link to a video and video transcript from the oxford farming conference about a week ago. Mark Lynas gives a pro-gmo and an anti-organic speech. I found his pro-gmo reasoning to be compelling but his anti-organic diatribe was full of misinformation and deception.

Anyway, it may be worth your time if you are interested in keeping up to date on food related news and happenings.


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Another source for the Monsanto seeds is the Seminis site which lists everything they are selling this year. That is how I have been avoiding buying Monsanto owned seed for years when I am buying from businesses that sell them so I can avoid them.

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