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I want to try some new onion varieties but most I'm inclined to try are long day varieties.  I've mostly been growing intermediate varieties since I've been in Ohio to be safe and I noticed that is what a lot of people here grow but I find it kind of limiting.  As I understand it Long day means you are supposed to grow them above latitude 43 but some varieties, like Copra I've found are supposed to be long day but listed as above lat 38, others 40 etc unfortunalty most are just listed as Long day.  Also I've heard that for long day onions the longest day of the year should be 16 hours or more.  Anyway I'm at lat 39.65 and the longest day is almost exactly 15 hours.    I did some research and it seems some people in West Virginia are growing a couple of the varieties I wanted to try, Varsity and Redwing, and I know Redwing is supposed only to be grown above Lat43,  They have no issues with them and I'm about as far north and anyplace in WV.  I tried a webseach but mostly found articles raving about some varsity onion rings at some college diner  in Atlanta.  Maybe I'm over thinking this, I feel like I'm on the hairy edge location wise.  I grew Walla Walla last year and they did great but of course they don't keep.  I was also thinking about red bull or redwing but in the Fedco catalog they list redwing as needing lat43 or higher yet says it might not grow well in northerly areas because of a long growing season LOL.  I've tried to look some of the varieties up on the internet concerning this but its hard to find on most varieties I've found.  Johnny's is pretty good about listing the requirements of the varieties they have but they don't have most of the ones I'm trying to locate information for.  Also have the same problem with shallots.  Oh well, so much for the information age

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