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> From: Dave Jacke <davej at edibleforestgardens.com>
> Subject: [PCGuild] This just in from Facebook: Johnny's selling Monsanto seeds!?
> Date: January 9, 2013 9:32:42 AM AST
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> From Joel Glanzburg, a PC guy whom I trust, so hard to ignore—anyone have any more information on this?
> Earlier today my friend …  posted a list of seeds owned by Monsanto that are sold at Johnny's Selected Seeds in Maine, and within a few hours the list was pulled from both fer fb page and her business page as well. When she spoke to Johnny's today they said Monsanto won't allow them to publish this information claiming it's 'proprietary information.' But why doesn't Monsanto want people to know which seed varieties they 'own'? These are not varieties they've developed (for example: Big Beef tomatoes), only ones they've recenly acquired by buying up other seed companies -- how is it proprietary information for me to tell others that Monsanto owns Big Beef tomatoes? Thanks fb for censoring our posts and preventing the flow of information! BS!
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> REBELSKI-Greenhouse Tomato
> SIERRA BLANCA-Sweet white
> onion
> KING ARTHUR-Green to Red Bell
> Pepper
> BIG BEEF-Greenhouse Tomato
> PRIZEWINNER-Giant Pumpkin
> PRIZEWINNER-Giant Pumpkin
> FREMONT-White Cauliflower
> FAIRY TALE-Striped Eggplant
> X3R RED KNIGHT-Green to Red
> Bell Pepper
> Pumpkin
> HANSEL-Mini Purple Eggplant
> GRETEL-Mini White Eggplant
> SAHUARO-Southwestern Pepper
> Pepper
> CHEDDAR-Orange Cauliflower
> CANDY-Onion
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> CELEBRITY-Determinate Tomato
> PETER PAN-Summer Squash"
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