[Market-farming] Trouble with insect feeding in tunnels

Todd Lister toddlister1 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 19:58:54 EST 2013

My issue with the freeze-em approach is my houses are loaded for the winter
before it gets really cold. I could do row covers on #9 hoops but that
would be a really big project and I would guess some pests would survive
our lows if they were under cover.

On Tue, Jan 8, 2013 at 1:38 PM, Richard Moyer <ramoyer at gmail.com> wrote:

> Robert, Beth and Todd,
> It's been 15-20F in my tunnel a couple of nights, by design, to try to
> kill off these creatures, or at least induce dormancy.  Takes out some cool
> season weeds as well.
> One can selectively cover crops within the tunnel (or not), instead of all
> or none of such cold treatment.
> I've been transplanting winter-hardy lettuces and mustards into the HT,
> that I sowed in the field nearby, and have raised under row cover on the
> worst nights.  So bringing clean plants in.  But the strawberries in the HT
> still provide plenty of habitat.
> Robert, would sticky cards or other trapping methods help with ID?  May be
> needed to understand their life cycle, then implement effective control.
> Which predators are most active in winter tunnels, and how to encourage
> them/help them survive, and reproduce as well?
> Our spinach in the field (winter-hardy cultivars) has been through
> multiple nights in mid-teens with no protection, without apparent injury.
>  Am covering some of it now, to increase growth rate after this cold
> treatment.
> In summary, one can populate an (early) winter HT with very cold hardy
> crops for winter markets, let Jack Frost wreak havoc on at least some bugs,
> then introduce under increased protection the more tender cold crops as
> winter moves into spring.
> If two HT or other protective structures/methods, can completely open one
> up for the Mr. Freeze, Killer Frost, Captain Cold treatment, then
> transplant into it.
> Good questions!
> Richard Moyer
> SW VA, where we are forecast a week of temps 20 degrees above normal, both
> day and night.  What's that going to do for all these life cycles?
>> From: "Robert G. Hadad"
>> Greetings,
>>     I am trying to see if others have run into problems with insect
>> feeding on greens in tunnels during the late season/winter months?
>> Specifically, we are are seeing small worm (like very tiny loopers) and
>> finding pin-hole feeding damage on spinach. However, not actually seeing
>> these insects feeding so it could be something else. Has anyone seen
>> feeding like this and actually seen the insects responsible?
>> Thanks.
>> Robert
>> Robert Hadad
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>> Fresh Market Specialist
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>> rgh26 at cornell.edu
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>> We still have grasshoppers.
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>> From: Todd Lister <toddlister1 at gmail.com>
>> I find winter in the hoop houses to be a real battle with the pests. They
>> love the protection.  Backpack sprayer is busy in winter.  Every week.
>> Todd
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