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Russell Bryant bovagard at msn.com
Sat Jan 5 21:03:06 EST 2013

We have used on for about 7 years . we put a taller coulter(shoe) on than the standard one 
.I am thinking the standard was about 4 inches tall and the one we put on is about 6 inches tall. that way yo can pllant deeper . They have them at Holland we ask for the deeper one
Russ Bryant 

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  Anyone out there using a Holland Rotary One or similar transplanter. 

  I'm looking for something that can handle a variety of plant plugs from 98s to 32s at spacing from 8" - 24".  

  Have you had good luck with it?  Any strengths / weaknesses, etc.  Can spacing, plug size and other adjustments be made quickly?  

  We're on heavier soil that's fairly stoney in spots and I'm looking at some transplanting options.


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