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While I haven't started from seed, we do plant Dixondale onion plants (Candy, SuperStar and Red Candy Apple) in one of our movable tunnels every spring.  We also plant half a high tunnel with onions too.  This way we have our risk spread out between inside and eventual outside production. We plant them towards the end of Feburary, but with a new baby due at the end of February/First of March, I am going to move that up to early February.  We move the tunnel off the onions in late March to early April (depending on the weather). Then we transplant in Zucchini and little Cucumbers in the next movable spots.  

We get some really big onions starting in late May to early June and then eventually have them all pulled by early July.

It works for us, but this is with plants and not from seed.


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Thanks for the information everyone.  

I should have include more specifics. We are farming in central Iowa.  Last year we started the seed in 200 cell flats and we started over 400 flats.  We just purchased a movable high tunnel and I would I would like to do some in ground transplants and onions seem to be a good choice. 

Pam we usually start about the same time maybe a week earlier ( feb 1st).  

Should you start earlier or later than usual ( feb 1) with this method?
Are you planting directly into the soil or adding potting soil to the top? 
We use row cover in the fall do you do this for the in-ground transplants?  

Chris Corbin 

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