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Hi Andrea,

We use stackable lily bulb crates, which you can usually find used either free or low cost from landscape nurseries, bulb suppliers, Asian grocery stores, and other places.  They don't collapse, but they stack nicely, are very sturdy, and are easy to clean.  They come in a few different depths, seems like all of ours are either 7", 8" or 10".  We love them and use them for harvesting, hauling, stacked storage, we've even made some redneck chaise lounges out of them.  :-)

I looked at the link you sent.  We've inherited a few of these collapsible types along the way.  Our experience with the ones we've had is they are not nearly as sturdy and durable as the rigid lily crates.  Your mileage may vary.

Good luck,
Barking Cat Farm

On Feb 23, 2013, at 7:26 PMFeb/23/13, andrea davis wrote:

> ... I am looking into buying harvesting containers so I can stack them and load the truck more efficiently.
> I am wondering from others on the list, what containers you have loved and what companies to purchase from.
> I found these collapsible containers which I love but between the price and the shipping its a bit much ...
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