[Market-farming] losing insurance coverage????

Mike Rock mikerock at mhtc.net
Wed Feb 20 01:56:21 EST 2013

I would second Kathryn's idea that you might post more on this subject.
We currently do not sell anything but our Mulefoot hogs, and those to an 
Amish friend who is the neighborhood butcher.  He then butchers and 
sells to his customer base.  The hogs are pretty organic, the odd bit of 
outside corn being the exception.  Whey, barley and pasture does the 
real work.....well, my wife does the real work.

Most respectfully,
Mike Rock
SW Wisconsin

On 2/19/2013 7:57 PM, Richard Stewart wrote:
> My suggestion is that if you intend to continue doing your business is
> to attempt to separate things in a very clear fashion.  I've been
> attending a fair amount of GAP courses and Federal Food Safety groups
> and its going to get ugly.  You need to make sure your home is your home
> and your farm is the business.  It needs to be separate both in physical
> terms as well as economical terms.
> These next four to five years are going to be REALLY tough on all of us.
>   Insurance is simply one of several issues we are all going to have to
> deal with or be regulated to sell on the farm at a stand.
> Richard Stewart

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