[Market-farming] losing insurance coverage????

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We have the house right on the main farm property, where some of our production occurs and all our animals live in winter.  During the summer, we rotate animals onto a leased pasture, and we lease a hayfield next to that pasture.  So while some production occurs away from the home, enough occurs immediately adjacent to the home that our original State Farm policy, which covered just the home, dropped us in 2010 because the home was integrally involved with the farm.  As for business setup, it's an LLC.  
Kathryn Kerby
Snohomish, WA

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How is your farm set up?  Is it an incorporated business or LLC or is it a farm with a residence such as a homestead?  Is the home seperated from the farm and insured as your residence and home and is the farm separated from your "lifestyle"?

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