[Market-farming] tillage and cultivation tools for clay soils

Richard Stewart rstewart at zoomtown.com
Tue Feb 12 18:30:33 EST 2013

Manure spreader, chisel plow, discs with notched lead edge discs and harrow (we just drag a steel I-beam with 12" lengths of rebar welded to the dragging edge).

Use the manure spreader to introduce bulk amounts of sand and organic matter.  Chisel plow disc.  Cover crop with a green manure like wheat, rye, tillage radish, buckwheat, clover.

Repeat for three years.  :)

Your clay soil may look a while lot better.

That's what I am doing for 16 acre plot.  That is nothing but clay and shale.  Drought hit us hard last year and prevented most of what we planned.  Hard to work clay in a drought.  :D

Takes time but soil management does not happen over night.  I'm lucky if I can use it in three years.  It'll probably take longer.

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On Feb 12, 2013, at 3:18 PM, stonecirclefarm tds.net wrote:

> Does anyone on the list have recommendations for tillage and cultivation tools that help if one has heavy clay soil?  Thank you.

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