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I'm curious about this, only because I don't know much about this disease in Basil specifically. I run into downy mildew in other crops and one interesting treatment that can be very effective is phosphorus acid. It isn't a high-powered chemistry. Its a pretty simple product that serves as a fertilizer as well as an effective eradicant of downy mildew in grapes. Does anyone know if it can be used on downy mildew of basil? Does it comply with OMRI? It can be a very effective tool for addressing downy mildew in grapes.


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Hi All.

I had Basil Downy Mildew for the first time last year; wiped out my crop after just a couple weeks of usable harvest.  I was hoping there would be some disease-free seed available but I'm not finding it anywhere.  It looks like there is not yet a test to determine whether seed is infected or not.

Have any of you had luck with treatment?  Looks like Actinovate and Oxidate are the best organic controls.

I know the seed I have left over from last year carries it so seems kinda silly to use it...but if there isn't any disease-free seed available, then throwing it out and randomly buying other seed is silly too.

Shall I just be ready to treat it prophylactically?


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