[Market-farming] Basil Downy Mildew

Deb Taft deb at mobiusfields.com
Mon Feb 11 20:21:37 EST 2013

Hi All.

I had Basil Downy Mildew for the first time last year; wiped out my crop
after just a couple weeks of usable harvest.  I was hoping there would be
some disease-free seed available but I'm not finding it anywhere.  It looks
like there is not yet a test to determine whether seed is infected or not.

Have any of you had luck with treatment?  Looks like Actinovate and Oxidate
are the best organic controls.

I know the seed I have left over from last year carries it so seems kinda
silly to use it...but if there isn't any disease-free seed available, then
throwing it out and randomly buying other seed is silly too.

Shall I just be ready to treat it prophylactically?


Mobius Fields
Sleepy Hollow / Katonah / Waccabuc NY
12" of snow Saturday, high of 40 today, in the 40s all week!
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