[Market-farming] Farm stand construction

Etienne Goyer etienne at lejardinduvillage.ca
Sat Feb 9 18:32:16 EST 2013

Hello everyone,

A relative of mine volunteered to build a farm stand for the next
season.  I would like to move away on from my current setup (a folding
table under an EZ-up) to something more professional and more visible.
Not being a very good carpenter myself, I am pretty happy about having
someone to help.

I was wondering if anybody would have good tips, and possibly a floor
plan, for a farm stand.  I am thinking 8' x 16', fully open on the south
side facing the street.  I would still like good shade, so a low sloping
roof would be good.  Perhaps having it on skid so it could be dragged
away at the end of the season.

Any tips or ideas?

Etienne Goyer  -  Le Jardin du Village

"Changer le monde, une betterave à la fois"

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