[Market-farming] Digging Dogs and Feral Hogs, Anyone?

Barking Cat Farm barkingcatfarm at mindspring.com
Fri Feb 1 19:26:04 EST 2013

On Feb 1, 2013, at 12:13 PMFeb/1/13, Beth Spaugh wrote:

> We only have one year's experience with pigs, but used three strands of
> electric fence very successfully.  They put out a very loud squeal any time
> they touched it, and quickly learned to keep their distance.  Have friend
> who has about ten years experience with hogs year-round, breeding, etc, and
> just uses one or two strands.  They did find their way out over packed snow
> one winter.

Hi Beth,

I'll ask the same question I asked Kathryn, at what heights do you put your hot wires?

Thank you,

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