[Market-farming] Digging Dogs and Feral Hogs, Anyone?

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Fri Feb 1 19:15:30 EST 2013

Hi Jackie,

The perimeter fence line in question is only about a mile total length.  Thanks for the info about hog behavior, very helpful.  

I'll look into hog panels - any tips for affixing them so they cannot be lifted?  Are you talking about fastening them to the existing fence posts, which in my case are mostly t-posts and 2 3/4" steel tube with a few 5" wooden posts?  The concern I have on this idea is the existing field fence is brand new, put up by professional fence builders, and strung tight within an inch of its life.  Even so, these dogs have found the weak spots in the soil itself, i.e, under the tree canopy where it's bare, and have dug holes under the fence.  I'm concerned that without either a hot wire to get their attention or some kind of barrier beneath the soil, the feral hogs would do the same thing to the hog panels, dig underneath where the soil is more pliable.  Would like to hear thoughts on that concern from people who've raised hogs or dealt with feral hogs such as yourself.

Thanks for all the great thoughts, keep them coming,

On Feb 1, 2013, at 11:36 AMFeb/1/13, Jackie Jameson wrote:

> How big an area is this?  The only way to contain hogs is hog panels(fixed so they can't be lifted) or similar fencing.  They will go through or under fence, they will lean on it until it's destroyed, and they will lift up fencing and go under.  And do a combination of all the above.  They are very smart, and will teach each other the weak points, once one of them has figured out a weak spot, they will all return to that location and destroy any fence you subsequently put up.  This is for domestic hogs, but is true for feral hogs too (which are descended from escaped domestic hogs).  I have raised hogs.
> Jackie in NJ

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