[Market-farming] How many CSA shares per acre?

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Depends on what your shares are.  I have two sizes, 5 and 10 items, an item
being a bunch of carrots, bag of salad mix, one large or two medium heads of
lettuce, etc.  Over half are the small shares.  I can do probably 100 on one
acre.  I have 2 ½ acres in production, and was going to farmers market but
just built farmstand.  I have never sold even half of what I grow.  We also
do a winter farmers market off that 2 ½ acres. Small mind you.  Gross sales
have been in the $75,000 for veggies and flowers.


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about 40 per/acre intensively, ie less fallow



On 2013-08-26, at 12:39 PM, quarter acre farm wrote:

How many CSA shares can 1 acre provide? 

I'm trying to figure out for future expansion plans. 


Right now I'm growing on 1/2 acre and I have a 10 member 25 week CSA with 2
sizes of shares a $20 Couple Share and $26 Family Share.

I also sell at 1 farmers market and to 2 restaurants.


I'm looking to increase to 1 acre and drop the farmers market, so I'm trying
to figure out how many shares I could do then.


My original assumption was 20 members to an acre but I have been hearing
from other farmers that its more???


Thanks in advance for all your words of wisdom,



Quarter Acre Farm <https://www.facebook.com/quarteracrefarm> 

Sonoma, CA

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