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We manage about 15 acres with a 95 hp diesel 4wd high clearance tractor
with a creeper gear and front 3 pt. hitch, a 50 HP diesel 2WD utility
tractor with a quick attach front end loader and home built quick attach
forks, and an old Gas Farmall Super C that we recently modified by building
a 3 point hitch that is mounted high enough that it doesn't hang down below
the bottom of the tractor, so we can get over the top of our raised beds.
The creeper gear is critical for our use of the waterwheel transplanter.
We looked at lower horsepower tractors when we purchased the high clearance
tractor, but there was not a significant cost difference between the 70 hp
units and the 95 hp unit, and we have been happy to have the extra
horsepower and carrying capacity of the larger tractor.  We find that,
because the larger motor isn't straining for most tasks, it actually uses
less fuel than the 50 hp utility tractor except for mowing and tilling
where we need to keep the rpms up.
We do get in a bind in the early part of the season, when we need the big
tractor for spreading compost, tillage, transplanting, and cultivating, all
at the same time.  The C should help, next season, by taking on the
Consider the larger units as they can speed up tillage and more safely
handle bedforming and transplanting equipment, especially if you have to
move from farm to farm on the road.
Good luck in your equipment search.
Mark Weinheimer
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