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Etienne Goyer etienne at lejardinduvillage.ca
Sun Aug 25 14:56:12 EDT 2013

I know absolutely nothing about tractors, so my advice are not worth
much.  However, I recently discovered that front-end loader come in
"quick attach" variant.  The guy I hire to rototill has a quick attach
loader on his tractor, and it litteraly takes five minute (if that) to
attach and remove the front end loader.  I think that would be very
useful indeed for when you want good visibility in the front (i.e.
cultivating, mulch laying, etc).  That's brilliant.

I plan on buying a tractor mid-term (in the next 5 years), and so far,
the little wisdom I gleaned, I will be looking for the following:

- quick-attach front-end loader

- hydrostatic

- creeper gear (less than half a mile an hour)

I think the brand is not really all that important.  Instead, I would
rather buy a brand for which there is a dealer and competent mechanics
nearby.  In my area, there's Kubota and Massey-Ferguson dealers, so I
will go for either of these.

Personally, I also think I might be better off buying brand new, if I
can get it financed on good enough terms.  I got zero mechanic skills,
and little inclination to learn.  I think that by buying a brand new
one, I will probably spare myself a lot of trouble in the first couple
of years.  And down the road, a tractor depreciate very little, so it's
not like I am throwing money out of the window.  I have 20-25 years of
farming ahead of me, an that's plenty enough to amortize the investment.

Have you considered using your 10k$ as a downpayment on a brand new one?


On 13-08-25 10:57 AM, Rob Wallbridge wrote:
> Hi all,
> It looks like I’m going to be able to invest in a tractor soon, and I’d
> like some feedback and advice and what to look for, makes and models to
> consider or avoid, additional considerations, etc. We’ve got a FarmAll
> Super A for cultivation and a 30hp 4WD Kubota which has been over
> primary tractor. What we’ve been mostly lacking has been a front-end
> loader for the myriad of tasks one of those can accomplish. The Kubota
> is also a little small to handle our mulch layer and waterwheel
> transplanter, and I’d like something with the capacity to unload pallets
> if needed, so I’ve considered moving up to something in the 50hp range.
> At the same time, my budget is limited (~$10K), so I’m definitely
> looking at older used models, and after scanning some dealer ads, this
> doesn’t seem unreasonable.
> There you have it – any and all input is welcomed!
> Thanks,
> Rob
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