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Rob Wallbridge rob at songberry.ca
Sun Aug 25 10:57:40 EDT 2013

Hi all,


It looks like I'm going to be able to invest in a tractor soon, and I'd like
some feedback and advice and what to look for, makes and models to consider
or avoid, additional considerations, etc. We've got a FarmAll Super A for
cultivation and a 30hp 4WD Kubota which has been over primary tractor. What
we've been mostly lacking has been a front-end loader for the myriad of
tasks one of those can accomplish. The Kubota is also a little small to
handle our mulch layer and waterwheel transplanter, and I'd like something
with the capacity to unload pallets if needed, so I've considered moving up
to something in the 50hp range. At the same time, my budget is limited
(~$10K), so I'm definitely looking at older used models, and after scanning
some dealer ads, this doesn't seem unreasonable. 


There you have it - any and all input is welcomed!





Rob Wallbridge

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