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From our experience, which includes raccoons going after our melons, 6" and 12" strands alone will not keep them out.  They are quite the acrobats.  We first tried with 4", 8", and 12".  The bigger ones were able to get over the 12" without touching it (the next one up was at 24" for deer).  Either that, or one was standing on another's shoulders to climb through unscathed.  We had to add one at 16", which seems to have stopped them for now.  This has been working for over 5 years.  _However_, we currently have 100' of melons sizing up and no doubt the fence will be tested by all the melon lovers who live in our forest, so we'll have to get back to you on how this crop fares.

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> Well, I have a question.   How are folks keeping raccoons out of their sweet corn, particularly fencewise?  I read an article that recommended two wires at 6 and 12" from the ground.   Are two necessary?  I have late planted corn that is about two weeks away from being ready.  Anyone use dog hair on the ground with success?

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