[Market-farming] 42 sheep for sale - Madison County NY

Deb Taft deb at mobiusfields.com
Sat Aug 3 18:53:00 EDT 2013

Dear Friends,

Who needs some sheep?

A friend in Madison County, NY is selling off her flock.  Details are
below.  Please circulate widely!



Bear with me.  This is a long email because I have lots of sheep!  If you
or anyone you know of needs some excellent friendly sheep, please do let me


kyliespooner1 at gmail.com

 I have 42 sheep for sale this summer as I will be leaving the farm and
disbanding the flock.  Most are polled Dorsets, Dorset x Clun Forest, and
Dorset/Clun Forest x Suffolk.  These breeds are quite tall, with heavy
muscling making them ideal for meat sales.  The three breeds represented
will also breed out of season and are good mothers.  All the sheep have a
thick white fleece that I have used for hand spinning and sold for rug wool
to a local weaver.  I find it to be lovely and springy, and ideal for
outerwear.  Many of these ewes have thrown twins and I have their breeding
history readily available.  They have been rotationally pastured on grass
with a small amount of grain fed just before lambing.

This winter I added Finn genetics to the flock to increase the lambing
percentage and improve the fleeces.  The new born lambs are beautiful, with
all the size and girth of their Dorset cross mothers and the crimpy, soft
fleeces of the Finn ram.  All Dorset crosses have white fleeces with black
or black spotted faces and socks unless otherwise noted.  Many of these
sheep are very friendly and love to get their chins scratched.  They are
trained to come when they’re called.  Will prostitute themselves for the
promise of grain, and as such, are easy to move from pasture to pasture.
Starter flock inquiries welcomed.

·       *Dorsets:* 3 three year old ewes.  $275 each.

·       *Dorset x Clun Forest:* 5 two year old ewes. $275 each.

·       *Dorset/Clun Forest x Suffolk:* 7 yearling ewes $275 each.

·       *Dorset/Clun Forest/Suffolk x Finn:* 2 three month old ewes. $275
each, 2 six week old ewes, $275 each, one all black.  2 six week old banded
boys (they are huge!) $100 each.

·       *Purebred Suffolk:* 1 two year old ewe, $275

·       *Purebred Icelandic:* 1 fading black two year old ewe, $300.

·       *Purebred Finns:* 9 yearling ewes ready to breed. $300 each.  3 are
black with white topknots.  6 are white, but carry for color.

·       *Finn ram:* 3 year old fading black ram with gorgeous fleece.  Is
1/4 Corriedale.  Very friendly once he gets to know you and has never been
aggressive, even during breeding season.  A great ram if you have kids
involved with the sheep farm.

*Purebred Montadale:* Phoebe is a gorgeous registered yearling.  Her fleece
is pure bliss.  She’s tall and well muscled and was a grand champion at
Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival last Fall.  $300

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