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ecoponderosa 3cedarsfarm at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 22:56:38 EDT 2012

On 9/25/2012 7:01 AM, Vern and Amy wrote:
> Some food hubs charge less than $50 for membership.  Of course operating
> costs for the hub have to come from somewhere and that is something each
> hub has to determine.  They can charge nothing to buyers and raise the
> costs on the producers, who will either pass it along to the consumer
> through higher costs or eat it (the cost) themselves.
> Some people are happy to pay what amounts to a buck a week to be able to
> order exactly what they want from 20 different local producers, none of
> which has a CSA program, especially in the "off season".  It depends on
> how people look at it, the dynamics of the local economy (both producer
> and consumer ends).  Some consumers will even consciously pay more for
> their food to see local small "farms" succeed.

Local Food/Tech Landscape - FoodHub

this is a portal to organizations they are associated with
very interesting website offering encouragement to new food hubs

"If you're in the business of food...
...someone on FoodHub is waiting to meet you.

FoodHub gathers professional food buyers, wholesale producers, 
distributors and industry suppliers in one dynamic community.

     Apples to zucchini, lamb to ling cod, it's all here
     Direct and distributed, organic and conventional
     FastStart membership is always FREE"

Looks like it is mostly in the Pacific Northwest USA

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