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Who told you that about Android?  I have both, but use the iPhone only
because it will fit in my pocket and it runs on AT&T.  Got the Droid
thinking Verizon was better but get zero Verizon signal.


What I have found is mostly iPhone, but there is similar for Droid.  No
matter which, learn how to turn data off or you may inadvertently go over
your allotment.  Here is a good description for Android:


I do not have a data plan, only voice.  There are a few apps that work
without being "online".  Key to identifying them is to download them, then
see if you have to login to use it.  If you have to login, it takes data. If
you are on a plan with data, that may not matter. I am on a pay by the
minute without data.


What I use on the iPhone without data (I have data when in home WiFi range
or connected to laptop):

Basic notes - downside is you can't copy and paste into other
programs/computers. But great for to do lists, quick notes to keep until
back at the computer to retype, etc.

iSpreadsheet - I map out my plantings and harvests

Dropbox and/or Google Docs - so I can access my CSA member spreadsheet,
field planting maps, harvest (column of crop and column of harvest) any
other simple spreadsheet that I might use. There are apps that act as front
ends for Google Docs - can get confusing. Will wait for others to chime in
who are using Android.


For Android, Documents to Go should work well for viewing/editing


Google "free android apps" and you should get a bunch of articles listing
editors' favorites. Evernote gets great reviews, but needs online access.
You'll have to wade through all the entertainment apps to find the
productive ones.  Hmmm, have to find the power cord and charge my Droid to
see what I had loaded, but when I realized I couldn't get voice over
Verizon, I let my service drop so didn't pursue the Droid apps as much.


I do use it much more than I expected. Primarily for the Notes and field
planting spreadsheet. Great to have CSA member info at market if I need to
call to remind someone to pick up.



Beth Spaugh

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I'm the brand new proud owner of a smartphone, having been dragged kicking
and screaming into the 21st century (and only because my dumbphone finally
died).  So now I've got a Spring LG Optimus, and I'm dipping my toe into the
world of apps.  Anyone out there using an app that helps with their farming?
I'd like to prove to myself that this was a useful upgrade.  I was told that
because it's a Droid operating system, rather than an iPhone, I won't be
able to upload/download things from the cloud.  But I hope to be able to do
other wonderful things with it.  Wonder if there's an app for weeding.
Thanks all.
Kathryn Kerby


Snohomish, WA

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