[Market-farming] Malabar Spinach

Allan Balliett allan.balliett at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 06:47:55 EDT 2012

I've got a big TALL bed of malabar spinach that was forgotten in the
greenhouse all summer.

I hear that malabar spinach is a preferred green in some parts of the world.

I have a hard time imagining that, but I'm happy to mind my own business.

A lot of the spinach has flowers. I remember hearing that it was no good if
it had flowered (it still has big leaves) but I often error on the side of

I'd like to know what the official position is on malabar with blossoms.

Also, if you grow it, how do you harvest it?

I think wikipedica says the end 2 ft of a vine is the crop but I know some
growers harvest and bag the leaves.


Allan in WV who wants to get the malabar out of the greenhouse so he can
put in some American food, like tatsoi
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