[Market-farming] Nolt's mulch layer (Vern and Amy)

Wyatt Jones wyatt_jones at netzero.com
Tue Sep 18 13:03:08 EDT 2012

Vern Wrote:

    Have you had trouble with the hand-tightened locks on adjustments 
coming loose, or is it just me?


Yeah I had trouble at first but I started using a wooden mallet with a light hand, a few light taps are better than a couple hard ones, on them and haven't had too much trouble with it since.  I find that wooden mallet comes in handy a lot but I try to be careful because I worry about bending the handles when using it on the mulch layer though it  hasn't happened yet.  It would be nice if those so called hand adjustments were a bit stouter so one wouldn't have to worry about hitting them too hard but I seem to have gotten the hang of it.  I did notice there was a square bolt head on the inside of the handles but its rather small and the weld is too sloppy to get a decent grip on it in my case.  I think at some point I might replace those hand lighteners with a set bolt with a larger head, probably when and if one of the handles break off, not sure if set bolt is the right term but what I mean is a bolt with a point like the hand adjustment.  The tension wheels aren't a big deal as you can tighten them and not have to worry about messing with it most of the time but the disk adjustments have to be raised and lowered all the time.  Seems like they could have come up with a better design on that part, maybe using a swivel with a lock pin or something but it is what it is I guess.

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