[Market-farming] sources for supplies: specifically plastic mulch, row cover,

Wyatt Jones wyatt_jones at netzero.com
Mon Sep 17 10:59:13 EDT 2012

Nolts is pretty good, I have one of their mulch layers.  Its great for the price and it does a good job but its probably better to have two people around so you can get it started better.  Once you get the hang of it and get the row started it works pretty good  I use two cement blocks to hold down the sides and another I tie some old drip line on with a splice at the end to attach the drip line so it doesn't pull underneath the mulch.  Then I shovel a bit of dirt on top to make sure the sides stay down and the wind doesn't get under the end to get the process started.  Some of the other more expensive layers do a better job and start a lot easier but you pay for it.  Not everything is the best price at Nolts but most prices are pretty good and the service I've gotten from them is excellent, can't remember ever having any problems.  The one I buy from is in Pennsylvania.  I found better prices for plastic bins from a wine supply house but I can't remember the name offhand.  

I've had quite a few problems with Peaceful Valley sending me the wrong stuff, enough I wouldn't buy from them again.  Never bought mulch or irrigation supplies but the last time I bought garlic from them the only kind they got right was Music, and that was only one out of 6 kinds
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