[Market-farming] anyone working with a food hub?

Marlin Burkholder burkholders at glenecofarm.com
Mon Sep 17 06:48:26 EDT 2012

Charlottesville, VA has a food hub, but I don¹t know the details.  Gary S.
or Pam D. can you give us more information?
Christine Burkholder

On 9/16/12 10:29 AM, "KatherineLMF" <katherine at legacymanorfarm.com> wrote:

> I would be interested in learning more as I¹ve never heard of a food hub
> before. 
> K
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> We just had an email go out in our area, that a food hub has opened at a
> nearby (less than 20miles) agricultural teaching center.  They've been pretty
> active in our area for sustainable ag, but I didn't know this was a part of
> their big plan until I saw the email.  The food hub itself is being managed by
> an entity called Local Orbit, which apparently has some experience with food
> hubs in various parts of the country.  The deal is that we the seller, would
> contract with them to drop off whatever we have to sell that week at their
> location.  Then customers would agree to pick up there, and/or get deliveries
> from there.   I'm not clear on some of the details yet, for instance who sets
> pricing and whether I need to direct my customers there, or they expect
> customers to show up looking for product.  Possibly both.
> I mainly wanted to know if anyone on the list has any experience with a setup
> like this.  They are NOT calling themselves a CSA, and they are telling
> sellers that it's a wholesale distribution, so they do get some of the
> proceeds.  There's no fee for the service, just "a piece of the action".  At
> first that was a turnoff, but frankly I'd pay that at the farmer's market
> anyway.  I'll be doing some more reading tonight on how the pricing works and
> who sets the price, and where that all goes.   But I'm thinking hard about
> joining up.  We've had a heckuva time this year drumming up direct customers,
> for a variety of oddball reasons.  So this sounds appealing to us.  Any
> comments or experiences, good bad or otherwise?
> Kathryn Kerby
> frogchorusfarm.com
> Snohomish, WA
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