[Market-farming] sources for supplies: specifically plastic mulch, row cover, drip irrigation

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Sun Sep 16 23:48:59 EDT 2012

I order most anything I can from Nolts.  I'm fortunate they have a
warehouse in Northern Iowa and can get almost any order in a few days.  I
agree with Richard that you should just make your own hoops for row cover.
I'd consider using 8 gauge bailing wire.  I buy a roll of it at the farm
supply store and use wire snips to cut the length I need for bed width and
desired height over the crop at the peak.

Ben Saunders
Turtle Farm
Granger, Iowa

On Sun, Sep 16, 2012 at 5:13 PM, Richard Robinson <rrobinson at nasw.org>wrote:

> Phoenix Organics often has the best price on row cover. Dripworks has the
> best customer service for drip irrigation, and close to if not the best
> prices. Make your own hoops from EMT from the home goods store, either
> using a hoop bender from Johnnnys or elsewhere, or bending your own with an
> EMT bender from the electrical supply aisle. Nolts often has the best price
> on virtually anything they sell.
>  Richard Robinson
>  www.nasw.org/users/rrobinson/
>  Hopestill Farm
>  www.hopestill.com
> On 9/16/2012 at 6:11:08 PM, Amy Crowell wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > I've been a member of this list for years and am finally starting up a
> small
> > operation of my own (after working on farms and in the landscaping
> business
> > for many years.) I am in Central Texas and am wondering about the best,
> most
> > affordable places to order certain supplies with minimal shipping costs.
> > Specifically, I will be ordering:
> > black plastic mulch
> > row cover + hoops
> > drip tubing, t-tape + irrigation system for 1 acre
> >
> > Hearing about the companies you use for these products (and why) would be
> > immensely helpful to me as I know many of you have already done the work
> and
> > research to find the best products and prices. Thanks so much for
> helping out
> > a new farmer!
> >
> >
> > -Amy
> > Blue Bramble Farm
> > Wimberley, Texas
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