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I grow the ProCut and Sunrich series. Sell for $1 each.  Another vendor
sells for more, but she is fancy.  Early on plastic on 6” centers that is
still $4/square foot so I think plenty profitable at that price.  Drilled
late season, 36” between rows, probably have 8 to 12 per row foot, so still
plenty profitable.  And SOOO easy to harvest and prep.  I walk down the row
stripping leaves off stalks that have flowers at least ¼ open.  Then come
back and cut the stripped stems. I generally cut with at least 30” stem,
sometimes longer, but it is harder to transport that way.


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They sell Sunflowers for $4 apiece, long stems, at the Farmers market in
Yellow springs but that seems a bit high to me.  I would think it would
depend on the size and type of sunflowers you are selling.  

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