[Market-farming] Eggplant Varieties

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Hi Pam,
We grew Nadia and Epic, this year.  We expected great things from Nadia
after last year, but it was a bust in the heat, this year.  Epic did a lot
better for us, although it wasn't great, either.

Mark Weinheimer
Farm Manager
Regional Food Bank of NENY

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> Thank you Carla and Ben for your suggestions on heat-tolerant eggplant
> varieties a while back. I can see the sense of planting several varieties,
> including a fast-maturing one, followed by more heat-tolerant (but slower)
> ones. I've been researching the ones you each suggested and some others.
> I'm looking at trying some combination of my previous favorite Nadia (67d,
> good set in cool conditions) with some of
> Epic 61-64d (early and huge!), from Osborne, Stokes. Recommended in Florida
> and Texas.
> Night Shadow 68d, (size claims vary from "similar to Epic" to "smaller"),
> Osborne, Stokes, Siegers.
> Traviata (variously recorded as 55-60d, 70d and 80d), small but good
> flavor. Osborne, Johnnys, High Mowing. Recommended in Florida.
> Classic 76d, heavy yields, high quality, does not perform well in cool
> conditions. Harris. Recommended in Florida and Texas.
> Santana 80d, large, continuous setting. Siegers. Recommended in Florida.
> These are all hybrids, but I also found a couple of promising -sounding
> OPs:
> Florida High Bush 76-85d, reliable, large fruit, drought and disease
> resistant. Seed Savers Exchange, Cherrygal/Sustainable Seed Co.
> Recommended in Florida and Texas.
> Florida Market 80-85d, large, excellent for the South, not for the
> Northeast. Baker Creek. Recommended in Florida and Texas.
> If anyone has any comparisons of two or more of these, I'd love to hear
> more. I only really want to try 3 or 4, not all of them in one year.
> Pam, Twin Oaks, Virginia, zone 7a
> --
> Pam Dawling
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> Few Acres
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