[Market-farming] snapping tops off carrots

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Yes for parsnip.  The beauty of the ridges is they are steep enough that the
soil on the sides stays dry/dries quickly, and we have very very few weeds
on the ridges.  I use the two discs to weed once and throw soil back up, but
mostly just a little hand weeding.  That is in sharp contrast to the rest of
the field.

No better way to top the carrots, unless we just leave an inch or two of top
on.  Maybe someone can look at the commercial carrot harvesters that snap
the tops off as they harvest, and come up with a table top model to hand
feed carrots through.

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Sounds like a great way to plant!  Probably good for parsnip, too?  Do 
you weed them with the tractor or by hand?  We harvested our carrots 
this year with a single tooth run next to the carrots planted in flat 
ground.  I think probably not as good as your raised bed technique in 
our heavy clay, but better than a pitchfork.

Did you come up with a better way to top your carrots?  We still have 
some in the shop to do, too.

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