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Works wonderfully in heavy soils. Starts with planting though.  We have two
old horse drawn hilling disks on an oak bar, that I make ridges a foot high
with (plan to upgrade to something heavier next year).  Then take a rake
(wanted a hanging bar under the oak to level it but didn't get to it) and
level it off to about a foot wide and probably 8 or 9 inches tall.  Plant
two rows of carrot seed on top.


To dig, I bought a small subsoiler last spring.  It doesn't subsoil, but I
drive it down between the two rows of carrots and it lifts them loose.  Then
go back and just pull by the huge handful, maybe a foot at a time. Figured
even if we can't get it deep enough to subsoil it paid for itself in savings
digging carrots. 


It also worked wonders with daikon planted on flat ground, so might do just
as well with carrots not on ridges (but my carrots would be stumpy if not on
ridges). Still have some plastic mulch down and think I'll try driving it
along the edge and see if it lifts the soil enough to loosen without
actually catching the plastic (yes, I know they make undercutters, but I
don't have those). We have used a middle buster for digging potatoes, but I
will try this with potatoes next year also.


The subsoiler I bought was from Buckeye Tractor (got it in the same shipment
as the wonderful raised bed/plastic mulch layter that has saved SOOO much
time).  Since I mentioned the mulch layer I will share another gem I tried
this year.  We had 4 foot wide ground cloth and put that down between the
plastic.  No weeds where we had about 100 feet of alternating plastic and
ground cloth.  It is $30 for 250 feet at Sam's Club - less than I would be
paying for weeding.


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On Nov 19, 2012, at 5:11 PM, Beth Spaugh wrote:

We have a technique to pull carrots quickly


I've no help on the topping -- but when you have time (which from the sound
of it may not be right now): what is your fast pulling technique? and will
it work in heavier soils?



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