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Mon Nov 19 17:11:15 EST 2012

We have a technique to pull carrots quickly, but having spent two days
snapping tops off, looking at a garage full that will take until at least
midnight, and 5 more beds of carrots to go before the deep freeze next week,
any suggestions of ways to speed up snapping the tops off?  I left inch
stubs last year and don't want to do that again because they turned nasty
and stuck to the carrots and were hard to clean off.  It may come to that
again just because of time, but . if there's a faster way than having them
lined up with the roots in one direction and either grabbing a handful with
one hand and snapping the tops off with the other, or just controlling the
carrots with one hand and snapping with the other, I'd like to know.  We
planted really late so I am happy/relieved to have them, but . I have other
urgent things to do within the next few days, like dismantle a hoophouse and
move it 1100 feet away over winter greens already planted in anticipation
that won't like 15 degree nights with just row cover, and the ground is
already freezing.


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