[Market-farming] commercial kitchen advice?

Lucy Owsley boulderbelt at embarqmail.com
Thu Nov 15 04:53:26 EST 2012

Talk to your county health department person, if you haven't already. They
will tell you exactly what they expect and will work with you to get to the
goal of a licensed kitchen. At least that is true in my county in Ohio. I
have not set up such a kitchen but from working on a lot of commercial
kitchens I know what is required

You must have a bathroom/toilet, a hand sink, floors and walls that can be
washed (no carpet), SS tables and shelves, this seems to hold no matter
what state. You might also need an exhaust hood and refrigeration as well.
But like I said talk to the county health district folks

What Tom is talking about are Cottage Industry Regs which a lot of states
now have and they cover a lot but by no means everything. I had the idea to
offer meat raised by others out of my farm store but that meant getting the
facility licensed and that would have set me back at least $15K.

Lucy Goodman
Boulder Belt Eco-Farm
Eaton, OH
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