[Market-farming] Potato furrows and eggplant (separately)

Vern and Amy vaspencer at sisna.com
Sun Nov 4 08:27:24 EST 2012

Ditto on the middle buster and hiller disks to cover.  Our antique 
potato planter does both at once, but is not adjustable from 18" 
spacing.  The G tractor can set the rows tighter and more uniform if we 
cut the furrows a couple rows ahead of people dropping seed in by hand.  
It isn't that hard for even inexperienced friends to guestimate 12" 
apart.  We use two small middle busters set the distance we want our 
rows apart and run one in the last row cut to place the next one at the 
appropriate distance away.   For smaller plantings without a tractor, 
you can even put a left and right-hand plow together on a Planet Jr. or 
HOSS wheel hoe to make an improvised middle buster.


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